Family Workshops

Our family workshops are incredibly powerful in improving communication between members. The Horses Helping Humans TM program equips each member with effective tools to be better heard, hear others and feel understood. This is an extremely successful way in which family relationships can grow and be strengthen, repaired or healed. We give you an understanding of each of the four personality types ( Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy, Phlegmatic) what their strengths are and also each personality types conditioned response when under pressure. You will learn about the characteristics of your own personality type as well as those of your family members. You will learn why certain situations may cause yourself or family members to become defensive, aggressive, to shut down or feel unheard. We will teach you effective breathing techniques to lower adrenalin and body language to be calm yet assertive, leading to improved communication and relationships with your family.

“The language and names of the temperaments has given us a humorous way to identify and acknowledge behaviour’s in what would otherwise have been tense situations. As a practitioner in the Whanau Violence sector the language associated of the program provides non-threatening and effective metaphors for continuing conversations.”

Whanau Ora
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