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Lenna has grown up around horses who have always been a special part of her life. Now as a mother of three young children she is passing on this passion for horses to the next generation. After completing a Bachelor in Outdoor Education and going on to becoming a qualified Secondary Teacher, she has always had a dream of linking her teaching, learning and developmental skills with these amazing equine companions. This dream was strengthen through the themes and philosophies of an Adventure Therapy paper she took as part of her studies. It was from here that Lenna’s dream of facilitating personal and interpersonal growth with the help of horses grew. Lenna set up the Abel Tasman Horse Trekking in 2017 and Abel Tasman Equine Centre in 2020, offering developmental programs such as Mother and Daughter, and building Young Women’s Self Esteem programs.

After discovering Sue Spence’s incredible Horses Helping Humans ™ Program she has become a licensee and is now enjoying combining horsemanship with personal development and interpersonal skills coaching, using this award winning, results based, internationally successful program.

“Lenna has a way of making everyone feel at ease and her gentle nature and positive reinforcement gives the clients the trust and belief in themselves to achieve the outcomes set in the program.”

SASH Case worker

About Sue Spence, the Founder of Horses Helping Humans ™ :

Sue Spence is a public speaker, workshop facilitator, author, and educator who teaches communication skills to corporate groups and underprivileged youth using the principles of natural horsemanship. Sue was the first person to develop and identify different body language techniques for individual personality profiles. Her business, Horses Helping Humans™, and registered charity, the Horse Whispering Youth Program, have been featured in numerous reports, events, programs, newspapers and magazines. ‘Horse whispering’ meets ‘people whispering’ within her innovative equine-assisted life coaching program that integrates extensive knowledge-bases in interpersonal communication skills, body language, emotional intelligence and personality types. Sue says she is “simply making each personality conscious of the body language that is hindering their communication”. When in the arena, Sue and her horses facilitate immediate change in those they help, hence her great demand from youth organisations, support workers and mental health specialists. Meanwhile, global opportunities as a keynote speaker and panel member have allowed her to bring this magic into board rooms and to the masses. Sue works with multi-national companies, psychologists, psychiatrists, small businesses, schools, event organisers, community groups and celebrities. She has unlocked effective communication skills for people ranging from CEOs – to actors – to disadvantaged youth. Sue is a 2016 Gold Coast Business Woman of the Year Award winner for ‘Creating Change’ and Community Dedication for the success of her Horse Whispering Youth Program charity. She has been patiently spreading her messages of self-acceptance, anti-bullying, effective body language skills and respect to the world.

See further information on Sue Spence and Horses Helping Humans ™ by following this link http://www.horseshelpinghumansaustralia.com

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