Coporate Team Building

Our Team building workshops focus on improving communication between colleagues, increasing productivity by learning how to identify different personality types through body language and how to successfully communicate with them. Non-verbal communication sends the strongest messages, in the equine world as well as with humans. Learning to stay calm and focused during high pressure circumstances is imperative to success. Emotional control techniques and body language awareness will give you this ability. Learn how to drop adrenalin and adjust your body language according to your personality type. This will help open doors of communication by appearing calm and confident at all times for both introverted and extroverted personality types.

These renowned Horses Helping Humans ™ workshops can take place either on site at Equine Inspired or by visual Power Point Presentation in your workplace.



  • Understand yourself and others better: Learn how to create a platform for respectful communication, leading to improved relationships. Gain effective tools on how your management can become more successful and respected, resulting in increased productivity from your team. 
  • Body language awareness: Look confident and be heard. Or be assertive but calm. Become aware of how certain personality types can appear confrontational and how others appear timid or unconfident. Learn how to adjust your body language to open doors of more effective communication with others.
  • Stress reduction techniques: Learn and apply effective breathing techniques and body language position to lower cortisol (stress hormone).
  • Increase in emotional health: Learn how to create happier environments and people by becoming aware of your team’s personality types and what each need’s to flourish.
  • Boundaries: Learn to say no and how to adjust your body language to be heard. Learn to ask not tell, so team members feel more respected.
  • Emotional regulation: Become aware of your own energy levels and how they effect those around you. Learn how your breathing can lower stress hormones and help turn anger into calm assertiveness, or anxiousness into confidence.
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